1. Unmanned exercise means that by means of a provided access pass/TAG one can make use of the accessible fitness rooms and equipment without an Artisport employee being present in the building, during predetermined times. Unmanned exercise at Artisport is entirely at your own risk.
  2. If you are exercising alone, for your own safety you should wear one of the keycords provided with an emergency button. These hang near the emergency button near the entrance. In the event of an emergency, you can press the button and the appropriate person in charge will be notified.
  3. During unmanned exercise at Artisport, carrying a cell phone with you is mandatory.
  4. With cameras, recordings are made continuously. In case of misconduct, these images are handed over to the justice department if necessary. All camera images are kept for three weeks and then overwritten.
  5. Unmanned sports are available for ages 17 and up.
  6. If payment is more than one period in arrears, access will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to play unmanned sports.
  7. Artisport reserves the right to withdraw access to unattended sports in the event of misconduct without refund.
  8. Per visit during unmanned hours, you must use your personally assigned pass or TAG to open the door.
  9. Bringing in members or non-members with your pass is not allowed. If you do allow (non)members inside, you will be immediately charged a €350 fine. This does not apply to any unauthorized use of your pass as a result of loss or theft, provided you have reported this to us within five days.
  10. Consequences of failures in/to the access system and/or fitness equipment can never be grounds for compensation in any form.
  11. The existing house rules and conditions remain unchanged.
  12. When using the emergency button and/or panic button on the keycords, the person responsible will be called to come to Artisport urgently. Misuse of this will incur a charge of €100 and the person's pass will be confiscated.
  13. Exercising with a towel is mandatory.
  14. The locker rooms cannot be used between 6:15 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. due to cleaning activities.

Safety regulations

  1. By requesting and using the Artisport door access, you are aware that 24-hour (video and audio) monitoring is taking place. These recordings are kept for three weeks after which they are overwritten.
  2. You may not grant access to visitors during unmanned hours, nor may you grant access to members who have forgotten their Artis Sports Pass.
  3. All windows and doors must remain closed; opening windows and doors is not permitted.
  4. You must use the equipment in accordance with applicable rules and instructions. Damage to Artisport property in any form will be recovered from the persons causing such damage.
  5. Serious defects in materials and or equipment that prevent safe use should be reported immediately and these defective devices should then not be used to avoid injury.
  6. You are required to observe the safety features of the equipment. If you are unsure of how equipment should be used, you should make an appointment with one of the instructors during staffed hours so they can explain how to use the equipment safely.
  7. In case of an emergency, you are required to report it to the respective person in charge via the emergency button. A voice connection will then be established.
  8. Use of the locker rooms is at your own risk, as we are not allowed camera surveillance here and therefore cannot monitor your safety.
  9. You must comply with all safety notices present on the premises. In particular, you should use only equipment whose operation and safety instructions you know.
  10. Independent use of equipment, intended for two users for safety reasons, is not permitted.
  11. Members with complaints (physical and/or mental) and/or a medical history should consult their primary care physician before using our unmanned exercise service.
  12. Members with complaints of any kind do well to never use the unmanned exercise area alone but to do so with someone else for safety reasons.
  13. In life-threatening situations, such as cardiac arrest, you should first call the emergency number 112 using the phone at the front desk. You should also press the emergency button to inform the club manager. Then you take care of the victim and start giving first aid as far as you are able.
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