fit in 30 minutes!

Artisport launches the most innovative training concept in the fitness industry: Meet EGYM, fit & vital in 30 minutes!
As you know, we stand for personal attention, quality and results. By investing in this revolutionary new training concept, Artisport is taking a new step in result-oriented training.

What is EGYM?
EGYM consists of a combination of 10 fully automatic Smart Strength machines. Once the EGYM coach sets up the machines with your personal information such as seat position, weight, height and strength after which it is stored on your personal wristband.
Each participant then trains and switches at the same time, giving you a complete workout within 30 minutes, with no waiting time and no boring!
While exercising, you receive training instructions via your personal touch display, making any injuries or improper movement execution a thing of the past.

Introducing EGYM add-on:
Normal: €3,50 p.w. Now: €3,- p.w. !

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Curious and curious about the possibilities?
Request a free trial class and experience our EGYM machines for yourself under the guidance of one of our certified EGYM Coaches! 

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