Privacy policy

Art. 1
Artisport states that it takes the utmost care to protect the private information, including the image (photograph), religion, race, belief, occupation, medical condition and sexual orientation, of all members registered with it.

Art. 2
Artisport will never share any information about its members with third parties or have this information edited or otherwise made available, in any sense or capacity, unless the member in question has given Artisport prior written/e-mail/digital permission to do so.

Art. 3
Artisport will not use any of its members for any form of promotion on any account or for any purpose without their' express consent.

Art. 4
Participation in commercial or public activities is not mandatory for any member.

Art. 5
Artisport makes use of camera surveillance in its premises. Unless determined otherwise by the police or judicial authorities, these images will be stored for a maximum of 48 hours and then destroyed. These images are not in the reach of third parties, nor can these images be reached by third parties. The surveillance serves both to protect the goods and property of Art-Sport against burglary, damage and violence, as well as to protect the members against violence, theft, loss, destruction of the property of body and property of its members.

Art. 6
In view of possible commercial or educational expressions of/by Artisport, it is possible that television or radio recordings, respectively photographic or journalistic recordings will be made at the location of Artisport, or outside its location. In the event that such an event as mentioned above will occur on or outside the location of Artisport, Artisport will always inform the members of this via its website at least three days in advance. The member in question then has the choice whether or not to enter the gym or the location in question at that time. Should the member, in spite of this notification, decide to come to the location of Artisport during these radio, TV or journalistic events, or not respond to the notification by Artisport, then the member cannot claim full protection of privacy (including the appearance of the image of the member present during commercial-, educational-, journalistic-, photographic-, radio- or TV recordings.

Art. 7
Should Artisport, including through one of its staff members or employees a photographic image be made, this staff/employee will always ask permission from all members present at that time. Members who object to this may then temporarily step aside so that they are not depicted in the photo in question.

Art. 8
Artisport is never liable for an invasion of privacy of its members, if this invasion of privacy is committed by members of Artisport among themselves.

Art. 9
Artisport emphasizes that each individual member remains fully responsible and/or liable for any invasion of his or her privacy insofar as the member has had a hand in this on the basis of his or her own actions or has not acted in accordance with the situation as one might have expected at the time.

Art. 10
Artisport uses in its organization professional hardware and legal software programs, including virus scanners, which best ensure the business of the company and the protection of privacy of its affiliated members.

Art. 11
Pursuant to the applicable provisions of the AVG (Directive for the Obligation of Privacy Protection), Artisport requires all third parties involved in its organization, such as certain service providers, consultants, etc., to enter into a processing agreement in which they undertake to guarantee the privacy of all members affiliated with the latter, to enter into a processing agreement in which they promise Artisport to guarantee the privacy of all members affiliated with the latter, in the event that these third parties become aware of this by virtue of the execution of their core task towards Artisport, all this subject to the imposition of sanctions and liability that they will then have to endure in the event of violation towards Artisport.

Art. 12
If a member believes that his or her privacy has been directly or indirectly affected, the member in question should immediately report this to the Artisport management via e-mail, stating reasons, so that the latter can respond appropriately or take action.

Art. 13
The contents of these provisions apply to both the members of Artisport, as well as to the staff or employees of Artisport, and apply to each of them on an equal basis.

Art. 14
This Privacy Statement has been drawn up in accordance with the spirit of the AVG. Should this regulation fail to do so, it aims to comply as much as possible with the current version of the AVG.

Art. 15
This Privacy Statement is sent digitally by Artisport to its members, with a request to tick it for approval and to return it directly to Artisport by mail. A paper version of this Privacy Statement is also available from the administration of Artisport. Upon first request, it can be signed and submitted there, stating name and membership number, for approval.

Members who do not sign this Privacy Statement for agreement cannot claim the protections contained in this specific regulation.

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