With EGYM+'s intelligent training software, your training becomes even more individual and you train based on your personal training goal. You can think of EGYM+ as the navigation system that calculates the fastest route to reach your fitness goal! There are 8 training programs to choose from:

- Immunity Boost: safe & effective workout to strengthen the immune system;

- Reha Fit: slow movements with a gradual increase in exercise weight so you recover quickly;

- General fitness: focus on various forms of muscle training aimed at strength maintenance;

- Muscle building: focus on high muscle loading with slow movement speed for optimal muscle growth;

- Bodyshaping: combination between different forms of training to get the body optimally "in shape.

- Fat burning: focus on strength endurance with high heart rate, relatively low training weight and long training duration;

- Athletic: focus on performance enhancement by developing speed and muscle strength;

- Metabolic Fit: gradually improve strength endurance to regulate blood sugar levels.

What is the difference between EGYM Basic and EGYM+?

EGYM Basic is a very good basis for muscle training that will help you train quickly, effectively and with more fun. Thanks to the strength test you will always train with the optimal training weight for you and because of the alternation of regular and negative training you will regularly receive a different training stimulus which will ensure your training results.

With EGYM+ we go one step further and personalize your training even more! You can now choose from no fewer than 8 training programs; each program has its own focus, such as muscle building or fat burning, making training even more individual and optimally periodized to your personal training goal. So a fitness navigation system that calculates the fastest route to reach your goal!

Each training program consists of 4 phases, which are completed over a period of 12 weeks. After each phase of 6 workouts you start working with a different training method which ensures optimal variation & progression and the right training stimulus. In total there are now 5 different training methods that the software uses. During the program both the training methods vary as well as the training parameters such as number of repetitions, movement speed and training duration.

EGYM's smart strength equipment automatically adjusts itself to your personal equipment settings and your personal training goals. This saves time and also provides even more training experience making your EGYM workout even more fun & effective!

The moment you have completed 24 workouts, we would like to invite you to make an appointment with one of our EGYM trainers. During this appointment we will discuss your goals and together we will install the program on the EGYM.

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