Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff can be reached by phone and/or email from Monday to Friday from 08:00-22:00 at the phone number: 040 20 29 49 1 and/or via our contact form.
For subscription questions, please send an email to


You pay your membership per period of 4 weeks in advance by direct debit. It is also possible to pay the entire membership at the reception desk.

If you choose to pay by direct debit, the cost of the subscription will be collected every 4 weeks. This means that in the year 13 periods of 4 weeks are collected. It can happen once or twice a year that you pay twice in one month. There are then two weeks between the two payment dates. This is because two periods of four weeks cross each other.

The Samen subscription allows you to exercise together with a roommate at Artisport. This subscription includes unlimited 24/7 fitness, sports at both locations and use of the sauna in Veldhoven. You can work out together or separately.

No. Your pass/tag cannot be shared with another person. Each subscription is personalized.

With the All-in subscription you have the most chosen subscription! With access to location Veldhoven and Meerhoven. In addition, the add-ons EGYM, live group classes and massage chair are included. The All-in subscription is personal and valid for 1 person.

With the Together subscription you can exercise with 2 people and the All-in subscription is valid for 1 person. With the All-in subscription all add-ons are included, this can be added to the Samen subscription separately as an add-on per person. 

Cancelling your membership can be done either in writing at the reception desk or by registered letter. Please take into account a notice period of four weeks, you must complete the term of your membership. Cancellation can also be done within 21 days of the subscription if the accommodation/equipment offered does not meet your needs. First period, subscription fee and administration fee are non-refundable.

Registered letter:

If you are unable to cancel at the reception of Fitness Center Artisport, please send your letter of cancellation by registered mail with personal info (name, address, date of birth) and reason for cancellation to Fitness Center Artisport, Molenstraat 30, 5502 AR in Veldhoven.

It is possible on medical grounds, in case of pregnancy or vacation to freeze your subscription for a period of at least four weeks that you are unable to come to exercise. During the freezing period no membership fees will be collected by fitness center Artisport. You can contact the front desk of fitness center Artisport for this. If your contract period has not yet expired the contract period will be postponed by the same duration as the freezing of the subscription.

You can choose a 52-week membership or a flexible subscription. A 52-week subscription is cheaper than a flexible subscription. Check here to see which subscription suits you.

It is also possible to come to Artisport for a day pass. For €12,50 you can exercise once at one of our locations. This day pass is only available at the front desk.


That is certainly possible! You can choose to come and work out independently or take a group class, or make an appointment to receive fitness guidance. Request your free day pass right away.

Would you like to join fitness center Artisport but your current sports subscription is still running? No problem! Because during the last 3 months of your current subscription, you can sport for free (only valid on presentation of a copy with cancellation of your current subscription and conclusion of an annual contract).

Youth through 14 years of age

For youth ages 12 through 13, use of the cardio equipment on the first floor is permitted only when accompanied by a parent. Youth ages 14 and up are allowed independent use of the cardio & life fitness equipment on the first floor until 7 p.m. and on weekends. After 7 p.m., workouts are permitted only when accompanied by a parent.

Youth ages 15 and older

Youth ages 15 and up are allowed to train independently and participate in group classes.

If you have lost your pass or tag you need to report this immediately so we can block your account. You can request a new one at the front desk. A new tag costs €5.

Fitness and Group Classes

We offer unlimited participation in all group classes if you have added group ADD classes to your subscription. You can register for the classes yourself. This can be done via the sportivity app. Be on time to book because full = full.

Upon registration, you will receive an automatic email from Sportivity to create a password with your email entered during registration. After this you can login to the Sportivity app. If the link has expired, you can open the app and use your email to request a new password. Your username is always your email address.

Basically, there is no guidance at fitness center Artisport. Of course we want to help you get started and therefore offer an intake training. Should you need more guidance, please read further below at Personal Fitplan.

A Personal Fit Plan is an exercise plan tailored to your personal goals. You will be advised what exercise activities you can do to achieve your personal goal. 

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