Mijn naam is Demi, oftewel Deems, oprichtster van Deems Coaching. Ik ben 26 jaar jong en alles wat ik doe is een beetje een uit de hand gelopen hobby.

In high school, I developed an eating disorder called binge-eating disorder (for 8 years). I had low self-esteem and I suppressed that feeling through binge eating. From there arose my passion for sports (which was an obsession at first). When I was 18, I was doing a lot of group classes and strength training.

I clearly remember the moment when the gym where I was training at the time asked if I wanted to teach group classes there. After I was doing group classes for a period of time, I decided to take the fitness trainer A and Personal trainer courses. I was suddenly working at the gym every evening in addition to my full-time job in the hair salon. I found that this gave me so much energy that I wanted to do more!

After several jobs in different gyms as a fitness trainer and personal trainer, I decided to start my own business.In 4 years I have coached more than 350 people in the field of nutrition, training and mindset. In the meantime I have completed the training for weight consultant with specialization coaching and the NLP Practitioner.

In 2022 I decided to move to the nice city of Eindhoven. From January 2023 I decided to start my own Personal training and Coaching company in Eindhoven. Artisport is the perfect location for me to guide my clients in their workouts.

As a weight consultant and personal trainer, I teach you what you need to create a fit and healthy body so that you master this knowledge once and for all.

As a coach, I help you change your habits and beliefs so that you never fall back intoyour old behaviors and so that you can be genuinely happy with yourself and happy with your life. I also help you with your personal and physical challenges in life.

As a coach, I look at you as a person. Who are you? And especially who would you like to be? What dreams or ambitions do you have? As a coach, I hold up a mirror to you, which can sometimes be confrontational, but it is the only way to get the right insights. I tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear, but with love to help you. I give you all the tools you need to discover what matters to you and what you really want in life.

I teach you how to take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. Through my method you will gain new insights about yourself and build a powerful foundation in your life. Together we set goals and work with them. I teach you to act from self-confidence and self-esteem. I also help you turn thinking into doing or in some cases the other way around.

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