About Artisport Meerhoven

Artisport Meerhoven is located at Meerbos, on the second floor of the modern Hangar. We are a comprehensive fitness center with a wide range of modern equipment. Together with Artisport Veldhoven, we are the most affordable and complete fitness center near you.

What characterizes us?
Young or old, trained or untrained: everyone is welcome at Artisport Meerhoven. Service, quality and attention are our top priorities. Sports are available from
€ 8,- per week. You can extend your subscription with the so-called ARTI-ADDS. This way you only pay for what you actually use. Easy and convenient

Why Artisport Meerhoven?

Opening hours

Address details

Meerbos 6
5658 LA Eindhoven

T: 040 - 23 51 85 5

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