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In case you have decided to terminate your membership, you should take the following into account:

1. The end date of your contract lies within the freezing period 03/16 till 06/30.

We will calculate the number of days that your membership has been frozen from the 16th of March until the end of your contract term. Your contract duration will be extended by this total number of days. In addition, the general notice period of 4 weeks has to be applied.

2. You want to cancel your membership before July 1st, but you cannot do this in person due to the corona closure.

Due to the mandatory closure of both our clubs until reopening on July 1, as an exception, you can  notify us of your cancellation by e-mail, till the 7th of June..  Please keep in mind that the end date of your contract + the freezing period pro rata + the applicable notice period of 4 weeks must end no later than June 7th.

3. You want to cancel your membership at Artisport after July 1st.

Just like before  the corona closure, a cancellation must always be done in person. Together with one of our employees, you fill in and sign the cancellation form at your club so that we can process your cancellation. When canceling, please take into account the correct end date of your contract + the full freezing period + the applicable notice period of 4 weeks.

4. You have already prepaid your membership in March.

We will not immediately start you direct debit in case you did prepay your membershipfee in March. The date of payment will be postponed till half of July. Members who haven’t prepaid will be reactivated for direct debits. The description which you will see on you bank statement will be “recalculation Corona period”.

If you have a prepaid semi-annual or annual membership, we will add the complete duration of the frozen period to your contract, free of charge.

The freezing period as a result of the Corona crisis cannot be used to prematurely terminate your Artisport membership. Artisport hereby relies on its general terms and conditions, as stated under Article 4.2.

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