New at Artisport Veldhoven: Wellness

As of today, July 18, it is possible to use a wonderful Finnish sauna or infrared cabin at Veldhoven location. We offer these facilities from the Basic subscription. 

The sauna is open Monday through Thursday from 08:00-21:00, Friday from 08:00-17:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 08:30-12:30, excluding holidays and modified hours or vacation periods. Thus, the sauna is only accessible during our staffed hours. We have also placed extra large lockers in the changing rooms. You can use these lockers by means of a padlock. 

We would like to tell you the rules of using the sauna and also give you some tips!

Sauna regulations: 

  • Wear swimwear
  • Use a towel
  • Take a shower beforehand
  • Dry yourself well
  • Respect each other and each other's peace

Tips for a good sauna experience:

  • Dry yourself well after showering; dry skin perspires better than wet skin!
  • Start on the middle or highest bench. Lying down, you will feel the heat evenly. Finish the last two minutes on the lower bench, your circulation will get used to the sitting position.
  • Finish with a cold shower. Your body needs oxygen; a cold shower can help with this.
  • Get fully refreshed by using one of our massage chairs in the lounge!

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