Spinning/Zumba for disabled sports


My name is Wim van den Oever.

From September 7 to 10, I will be cycling the Pieterpad. Cycling from Pieterburen in northern Groningen to the Pietersberg just below Maastricht. Altogether more than 500 kilometers.

There is a charity associated with this ride: The Disabled Sports Fund.

As a member of Artisport, you have many opportunities to exercise. Fitness or a group class, alone or with friends. Afterwards, a quick dip in the sauna or a drink together. Plenty of choice.

For people with disabilities, this is not obvious. For many years I have been doing sports with two residents of Severinus at Artisport. There is a lot involved before we get there, but the fun is overwhelming!

I grant the opportunity to play sports to many more people with disabilities, which is why I wholeheartedly support this action.

Sport along for this good cause!

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